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Money Saving Tips

Dryer Tips

Dryer Tips

Takes too long to dry?

  • Check your vent system.  Poor airflow is the #1 cause of extended dryingtime!  The dryer and vent system should be cleaned and serviced at least every four years.
  • Check your house circuit breaker.  If it is a 240 volt dryer and one side of the breaker is tripped, the heating element will not work, but the dryer will run!
  • Clean the lint filter before each use!

Refrigerator / Freezer Tips

Poor Cooling

  • Are the condenser coils clean? 8 out of 10 homes have dirty condenser coils.  These are located either at the bottom, back or top depending on your model.  Clean them at least once a year!
  • Is the door sealing?  Make sure nothing is blocking the door!
  • Are the interior lights on?  If not you may have an electrical problem.  Check your outlet!
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Oven / Range Tips

Burners won't light

  • Gas burners need to be clean to operate properly.  Make sure all holes are free from debris!

Nothing Heats

  • Are the lights and clock working?  If not check for electrical problems, like the house breaker or even the cord!
  • Lights and clock are working?  Still check for electrical problem.  On 240 volt units if half the breaker is tripped or the cord isn't plugged in properly, some functions will work but will not heat!

Oven Temp is Wrong

  • If checking the oven temp with an analog thermometer, make sure the oven cycles for at least 30 minutes before checking the thermometer.  Don't worry about calling for service unless the temp is off more than 10 degrees.




Dishwasher Tips

Dishes Not Getting Clean

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the wash arms. Utensils can fall down and block it.  The wash arm should turn freely by hand.
  • Check that the holes in the wash arms are not clogged with debris.  All holes should be open.
  • Run your sink faucet until the water is at its hottest before starting your dishwasher.  The first fill will then be at the proper temp.
  • The hot water needs to be at least 125 degrees for detergent to work properly. If it isn't, then raise the temp on your homes water heater.
  • If you have hard water use rinse aid.  Todays dishwashers use less water and the rinse aid helps.

Maintenence Tips

  • Keep the insides clean by using 1/2 cup white vinegar in a full ran cycle as needed.  Run your glasses thru at the same time, it's great for removing hard water spots.  If you have hard water, use a product containing citric acid like Glisten or Dishwasher Magic.
  • Old detergent doesn't work well.  If it's old throw it away.
  • Cuts and scrapes on the racks should be covered with rack repair epoxy. This will keep them from rusting out (finger nail polish works also).


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