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Pricing and Warranty


Service Call

  • We will come to your home and diagnose the problem with your appliance and provide you with an estimate for the repair.  If you decide not to have the repair done, all you owe is the service call charge. $79
  • If you do decide to have the repair done the service call charge is included in the repair.  Some companies charge a service call plus the repair!
  • If you pay for a service call, and decide within 30 days to have the repairs done, we will credit the service call to the repair!
  • Keep in mind a cheaper service call doesn't always mean a cheaper repair !  Some companies only want to get in the door, and then charge more for the repair!

Repair Cost

  • We use an industry standard flat rate price guide for repairs.  The price given up front is the price you pay.**  No surprises like some companies who charge by the hour, or make up a price based on what they think they can get!
  • Because we use flat rate pricing, in most cases we can give an estimate over the phone.  It may be difficult to diagnose without being there, but we will try our best.
  • We can have you text or email a short video of what is going on to help narrow down the problem .
  • Also we'll give you an average repair price that covers most common problems .
  • If you provide model number to the appliance,we can look up what  it might cost for repair specific to the  model. 



**in rare instances we may find more problems once work has started. we'll always inform you before we continue