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       We know how difficult it can be to get quick, reliable, and honest service for your tenants.  Our job is to make it easier for you.  Sometimes, there may not be a problem with the appliance itself and could be caused by user error or another unrelated problem.  We can screen these calls for you by talking to the tenant directly if you wish.  We can also provide you with information based on the general condition of the property which can be beneficial for out-of-state landlords. 

      Here's how we make it easy for you.  

Provide us with the property information and a form of payment.  (Payment is due at the time of service). 

We can schedule with you to meet us at the property or schedule directly with your tenant.

When we arrive at the property we will diagnose the problem and contact you with an estimate for repair.  

Upon approval we will either make the repair or reschedule for a part install.

When the repair is completed we will accept full payment and will provide you with a receipt.

Call us today with any questions you have.